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Horses for Courses

DiggleNet: A safe bet for Fakenham Racecourse

As part of a continuing improvement process, Fakenham Racecourse decided to review its IT infrastructure and business processes. Its aims were to improve efficiency and maximise the profit potential of each of its business units, to streamline and accelerate its workflows, and to reduce paperwork. It turned to DiggleNet for help.

The Challenge
Fakenham had already invested in a rudimentary IT system, but it was under-used and the full potential was not being realised. Although the system had served the company well in the past, it was no longer meeting the requirements of a modern, forward-looking enterprise.

Additional analysis by DiggleNet raised questions about the accuracy and availability of the information provided to Fakenham's management team, employees and customers. There was also a lack of centralised marketing information, little or no structure to its marketing communications and no formal system for accurate business analysis.

  The Solution
Following an in depth review and assessment of the company's current business systems, DiggleNet's consultancy team identified several areas for improvement and recommended a bespoke combination of software, hardware and training.

The company's existing paperwork was reviewed, assessed and computerised to reduce the flow of paperwork throughout the business. This was complemented by a robust communication and email system that ran across each areas of the business.

Marketing communications were dramatically improved with the creation of a corporate Website, a new customer database with a facility for live updates, and a purpose-built marketing database.

DiggleNet also designed and implemented an integrated accounting system, complete with audit trail, to support the enterprise at an enterprise and business unit level. Other initiatives included a Race Day ticket control system, linked directly to the accounting process, a Caravan Holiday Site booking system and a new system for maximising site rental space.

The Benefits
DiggleNet has provided Fakenham Racecourse with a system that has increased efficiency, reduced costs and opened new opportunities for profit and growth. The staff are better informed and the customers enjoy a higher level of customer service.

The new system, which generates detailed management information at a business unit and enterprise level, has improved the firm's internal and external communications, as well as providing essential intelligence about the nature and behaviour of Fakenham's customers.