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Bayer improves its information service with help from DiggleNet

Bayer CropScience holds top market positions in all of its core business areas and has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of crop protection solutions in the world.

As a leader in its field, the company faces a continuing challenge to research, collate and publish an enormous amount of technical and marketing information to its customers, staff and other interested parties. Keen to improve the process, the company commissioned DiggleNet to create a new web-based information repository.

The Challenge
As part of its commitment to excellent customer service, Bayer had to manage and maintain a huge amount of product and technical information. Unfortunately, there was no single, centralised repository for that information. This meant its staff had to invest a great deal of time fielding individual (but often duplicated) enquiries from a large customer base. In itself, this wasn't a problem. But because many of the enquiries were similar to each other, dealing with them individually on the phone was an expensive, inefficient and time-consuming process.

  The Solution
Bayer commissioned DiggleNet to assess, review and rationalise its paper-based information systems. In particular, the company wanted to find a new way of disseminating the information in its 'Pest Factfile', a comprehensive (and therefore expensive) paper-based reference document.

After extensive and detailed research, DiggleNet's consulting team recommended a new web site, supported by a sophisticated content management system.

Careful analysis of previous customer enquiries resulted in the identification of the most useful and appropriate information to include on the new site. This was complemented by an information request service that allows Bayer's customers to request and receive specific information.

The project, which included the gathering, creation and publication of all relevant information, took just two months.

The Benefits
DiggleNet has helped Bayer to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Its customers can log on to the site at any time of day or night, wherever they are, and view full and up to date information. With less time spent fielding requests for printed information, the company's staff has been freed to concentrate on other, more strategic tasks.

What's more, document production costs have been significantly reduced and the company now has a clearer idea of what its customers are enquiring about and, consequently, a clearer understanding of their behaviour.

The project was so successful that it has now been translated in to the major European languages and implemented across Europe.