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Preserving the old, embracing the new
Leading preservative manufacturer looks to DiggleNet for future-proof IT infrastructure

R K & J Jones Ltd has built on years of experience and family history to provide a solid supply solution to hardware stores, builders merchant and garden centres across the UK.

Since 1992 exports have risen, the range has increased considerably and, in 2002, work began on a £1 million purpose-built warehouse and office complex. Today, the company's Bird Brand range of wood preservatives and treatments has become synonymous with excellent quality and value for money among a loyal customer base.

The Challenge
Faced with a rapidly changing and expanding business, R K & J Jones realised that its continued success would depend on an enhanced ability to meet the needs of its network of wholesalers and stockists. This meant not just manufacturing great products but supplying them - and a high level of technical support - at extremely short notice.

Early analysis also indicated that improvements were needed to the way that information was captured, stored, accessed, shared and used across the organisation.

  The Solution
Having identified its key requirements, R K & J Jones invited DiggleNet to design a solution that would meet the company's needs today and in the years ahead. After a period of careful research and consultation, DiggleNet produced a detailed project plan which, as well as identifying the most appropriate technological solution, also recommended the adoption of several best working practices across the organisation to improve its return on investment in IT.

From a technology standpoint, DiggleNet provided a robust, centralised server, networking advice, an integrated email system, support and all the software required to centrally store the company's customer information and accounting details.

The Benefits
The new system brought immediate gains in productivity. Staff benefited from fingertip access to shared information as well as faster internal and external communications. The company's managers are better informed than ever before and have regained about 15% of their working days because they no longer have to spend time on IT issues.

In addition, calls to the help desk have reduced, the new system has vastly improved security and data protection, and its inherent scalability means that R K & J Jones is in great shape for the future.

The project, which took just 6 weeks from early consultation to final implementation, was completed on time, to specification and within budget.